Shameful Flight

Yesterday Finally, I laid my hand on some book after a long gap. Yesterday I went to library here. I had one specific book in my mind which was suggested by someone. The book which I wanted to borrow was “From third world to first, Singapore Story” written by Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Kuan Yew is a father figure of Singapore and he is given a credit to transform the Singapore from the third world nation after it’s birth in 1965 to first world nation of today. From whatever little I know about the history of Singapore since it’s birth, I think this fellow LKY has done good job for Singapore and have high regards for this man. But at the same time, I’m a big time criticiser of his recent policies. LKY / MM Lee (that is how he is known here) still have a great clout in Singapore and currently his son is ruling the Singapore. I was interested in reading how this fellow managed this development journey of Singapore but but but unfortunately I couldn’t lay my hands on this book. To my disgust though book was not out on loan was also not there on book shelf. Despite of my attempts to find out and taking the help from library staff, I couldn’t find the book.

As I couldn’t find that book but was determined to read something I tried to search for some other book. First time in the library, I explored the book section where India related books were kept. Though the collection was not huge still it was interesting. There were many books on gandhi, few books on history on tourism and culture. I also found one book titled as “Culture shock” describing the dos n don’t in the Indian culture and describing what outsiders must know about India before visiting India, in order to avoid culture shock. I think amazing concept to write book on :).  I took one book titled as “Shameful Flight” which is on the horror of the partition after Indian got independence. I’m avid history lover but feel ashamed to admit that till date I haven’t read any authenticate book on Indian partition which I feel I must have done so far. So by taking “Shameful Flight”, I am attempting to revisit partition era and will be trying to know what mistakes/good things likes of Gandhi / Sardar / Nehru etc. did. Some day I also want to read book on Mohammed Ali Jeenah. I think Jaswant singh’s latest book written on him is available in Singapore National library. So some day I will borrow it to read it.

Now I have managed to get the book but the problem is to get the time to do the justice with the book. Most likely I will have to read this while travelling for the office ( so will hv to stop surfing on iPhone) otherwise currently I don’t have a luxury to have spare time to read books. And yeah, yesterday I also got latest issue of magazine “India Se”. Perhaps more than enough reading material to my disposal. 🙂


Walk down the memory lane

I’m a person who likes to revisit the history. Back in India, I have been to many places of historical interests but still India has lot to offer when history is concerned and I’m yet to see many more places. Ajanta-Ellora caves still is fav place for me to visit and I’m in awe of the work on display there. I still rue that I’m not able to visit that place quite often. Last time during my trip to India I had a trip to all tourist destinations in Maharashtra and Ajanata was one of them. But thanks to that ******* tour operator (who took us to Ajanta on a day when it remains close), I missed out the opportunity to enjoy the amazing work once again. But my head hangs in shame to admit that I am yet to visit the epic monument of Taj Mahal yet. Somehow couldn’t manage to visit Taj so far. Now I’m out of India so it’s getting difficult for me to quench my thirst for exploring Indian history.

In Singapore also I try to keep discovering about the history of Singapore and Malay peninsula. (But (my personal opinion is )Singapore is not that rich as far as history and culture is concerned. Still I keep exploring and today I got one such chance to explore about the Singapore of yester years. Today news paper in Singapore had asked it’s readers to submit the snaps they have of yester year’s Singapore with them. After getting the snaps from people they put up the photo exhibition “My Life: Then & Now” @Orchard Central. Today I visited that place to view the photo exhibition. From the snaps, it was apparent that Singapore was not so rich, well organised, prosperous and developed when It got freedom. In the photos, I saw flooded streets with people in neck deep water, not so clean streets, undeveloped Singapore river belt, dressing of the people then, etc. When Singapore got freedom providing housing to the people was the biggest problem. In the snaps I could see people living in wooden houses and sharing a single tap of water to meet their needs. The streets were not so organised as it looks today. Singapore river belt was barren then with no concrete structures around. Seeing all snaps, I realised that Singapore was in pathetic state when it got independence. But just after 44 years of freedom, today Singapore is developed nation. I can safely say that people who had taken an initiative to lead the Singapore after independence have taken Singapore to the right direction. The key figure who made the poor, hungry and dirty Singapore of 44 years back to prosperous and developed nation of today is Lee kuan Yew. He indeed deserves the pet on his back to transform a nation in less than a one generation time.

I regret India had likes of Gandhi n Nehru at the helm at the time of our independence rather than having any visionary ruler like MM Lee (as Lee kuan Yew is known here. Ministor Mentor Lee). MM Lee was the first prime minster of Singapore and he served the Singapore as prime minster from 1959 – 1990. Currently his son, Lee Hsian Loong is serving the nation as prime minster since 2004. Just for reader’s information since independence Singapore has been ruled by only three prime minsters. First MM Lee, Second Goh Chock tong and third n current PM Lee hsian loong.

Praises for Mr. Moorthy

In today’sToday Paper,there is one small articalon Infosys’s chief mentor Mr. Moorthy. Article writes about how MM Lee(so called father figure of the nation here in Singapore)  is impressed with Mr. Moorthy. (I need to write one post on blog at length about MM Lee and how he transformed the Singapore after seperation from Malaysia from third world country to first world nation. His vision and hard work  has resulted in modern day Singapore from a hungry and poor Singapore of 1965.)

MM Lee in his speech says he wants Mr. Moorthy to join politics in India. According to MM Lee, India needs people like Mr. Moorthy in order to progress on fast track.

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