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It was fine rainy morning today. The roads were wet with light drizzle. The atmosphere was really cool and I started off from house @6:15 in the morning for Changi Airport. It was the first time that I started off so early from home. I was under impression that roads will not be that crowded and public transport will have enough space but what I found was contrary to my belief. But still it was very enjoyable journey to Changi Airport.

From Changi airport, I had to collect some stuff from stranger which mom had sent from Ahmedabad. That fellow was coming by Kingfisher’s flight from Mumbai. Singapore government has made Changi such a world class airport that whoever comes to the Airport will become fan of it. I reached airport quite early and had ample time to do what I want to. On Indian airports, big problem is what to do except buying magazine and read it but situation is not the same with the Changi Airport.

First on my windows mobile, I connected to WiFi network using Wireless@SG. I checked my mails, checked new posts in my feed reader, read what’s going on in Big B’s mind, saw snaps of how Shilpa Shetty celebrated her holiday’s in Maldives, found out who has been locked inside Big Boss’s house in season 3, etc. etc. After a while it was difficult for me to concentrate on small screen of my mobile. So I went for window shopping. Not many shops were open though in the lounge but still you can do some good time pass. You can not think of buying anything here coz it costs more (that’s pretty obvious). After that I came and checked on the wide screen that Kingfisher’s flight has already been landed so I sat on the chair right opposite the belt on which the luggage for the flight was supposed to come. On the adjacent belts, there were luggage of three flights one from Paris, one from Barcelona and one from Mumbai. I found few white skinned people around me in arrival lounge waiting for their loved ones coming from either Paris or Barcelona. The moment their loved ones are out in arrival lounge these fellows will rush towards them, hug them, kiss them, give pack and warmly greet them. Well, you can see the joy of reunion on the faces of these white skinned (perhaps French) public. I found their behaviour care free and bit loud. In front of my eyes I was seeing two different cultures. In English culture they express their love, passion, respect, etc. by giving pack while Indians were doing “पैरी पोना" as a mark of respect to elders and giving simple hug to their loved ones. Well, that’s the difference of culture what else I can say.

I saw the cabin crew members of both Jet and Kingfisher airlines coming out. Well, if you want my vote on the dressing of these two air lines’ air hostesses, than my vote will definitely go to King fisher. Jet’s Yellow dress is nowhere near to Kingfisher’s dark red dress. Scene of all the air hostesses coming out to the arrival lounge in one queue pushing their red bags (yup the bag’s color was also red so that it can match with their dresses) in disciplined manner was like seeing some army troop marching. But this troop was really glamorous though. Well, I was least interested in seeing the yellow troop of jet. 🙂

One thing I noticed is 95% of the travellers were carrying spirits with them. It is because it is  quite cheaper to buy liquor from duty free shops located inside. No matter it’s Indian/White, No matter person is young/60 year old lady, no matter it’s Man/woman, everyone had liquor with them to keep them in high spirits. Last time I had bought tequila for just 20+ S$ from airport’s duty free shops. The same bottle could have cost me around 50+ S$ outside. So who will not take price benefit if they can.

Finally, I managed to find the person from whom I had to collect the stuff. But during this time it was really good experience observing the people, different cultures, behaviours, etc. It was indeed pleasure experience.

Next week I will once again I will be @Changi Airport. But next time I will be their as traveller as I will be flying to India for annual vacation. I have decided to be at the Airport early and enjoy some more moments and making some more observations.


Off the late I was away from blogosphere. Though it was not deliberate attempt to stay away, but somehow I missed out on converting (serializing) my thoughts and mesmerising moments I lived in recent past in to the binary form. During this time I was least concerned about expressing my thoughts on Govt.’s proposal on curtailing security for leaders like Mdm. Maya, Lalu, Mulayam and all the gung ho that followed into the parliament or on the event of Dr. Kalam’s frisking by Continental airlines’ security official @Delhi airport or on Rakhee’s gimmicks, etc. etc. For last couple of weeks, I enjoyed being me.

Considering my current state of mind, I can definitely murmur the line or two from a song of Movie “Life in Metro” :

इन दिनो दिल मेरा, मुज से है कहे रहा,

तु…….. ख्वाब सजा…….

तु……… जी ले जरा…..

है तुजे भी इजाजत, तु भी कर ले महोब्बत…….

In recent past, I have adopted new approach towards life. Previously I was always worried, anxious, unhappy and always cribbing about life. But Now I consciously try to kick out these negative emotions out from my life. Off the late, I have understood the importance of having positive thoughts and it’s influence on life. I try to take things lightly now. Try to keep my tamper in check. Even at home also I don’t get into the small small matters now. Obviously, I can not change overnight. But I consciously try to change. Let’s see how far I can go and how much I can change my life with this.

With the changed approach, few goodies have somehow indirectly come to the life. Two weeks back, I got a new project at work. The new team is very comfortable to work with. Immediate boss is super cool and I share a very good rapport with him. So on the work front at least things turned good for me (So what no increments this time, slump in bonuses and big dip in savings… at least better work to do…. see the positives n no cribbing…).

Okey now moving on to the next goodie. In the last two weeks, I attended two gr8 office parties. Just yesterday we had a party as we released new version of our product in market. After almost 6 months, I played 3 full games of bowling. I enjoyed very much. Though I’m not champ at bowling, it is one of my fav game. All the team members including bosses were in jovial mood. Our team is kind of United nations of Asia. As in United Nations, people from world over work same way in our team also people from across the countries of Asia work. Few of the gals in team are always chirpy n bubbly kind of and on such occasion needlessly to say they were at their prime. I also want myself to be (more) cheerful and kind of babla (male version of bubbly or should I say bunty?). So will keep thin in mind. I wish I could put the snaps of the party here but can not put them in public domain. To my surprise, my Japanese bosses (both in their late 50s) shared the honours of top scoring in bowling. Although bosses are 50+, they get younger once they get their hands on balls. The way they were spinning the balls and getting the strikes regularly was delight to see for me. In a end, I got mug as a consolation gift. But the joy I had was far more valuable than the mug.

After getting into the new project, we had one more party after KOM. We went for dinner at Chat Masala. The food there was amazing. In my 3+ year’s of stay in Singapore, I had never ate such a delicious north Indian food in Singapore. The taste of falooda which I had there is still there in my tongues. That evening was quiet enjoyable with whole team in jovial mood and boss is at his best in party mood. Ultimate delight.

Yesterday again I had food outside and this time I took lunch with my friends at Chutney mary. Again a very good experience for me. Makke di roti, Naan, Papri chat and Hara bhara kabab there was too good. One more outing I had with friends recently and that was ultimate refreshment for me. It got me out of the daily groove of same office and home life and charged me for at least next 2-3 months. So what king of good times (king fisher) was not around,


Tiger and Heineken was there to keep me in high spirit.


With friends, it was like bachelor’s day out. Just hang up the calls from home for an evening and enjoy the time of your life. (What an Idea, sir ji!!) Chk the “PunkyMoods” cartoon on my blog in right hand side widget.

At home also I spent some good time. I saw few movies which are quiet close to my heart. To name a few, I saw DDLJ, Life in Metro, Kabhi haan kabhi naa, Aashiqui, Phir teri kahani yaad aayi, etc. (All these movies are my fav and I can write at least one post for each movie except DDLJ coz on that I can write a book :). Infect, one post is already there on my blog on “Life in Metro”).

Few other things as well to cheer for me in recent times but not meant to be shared in public forum.

So for now parties, outings, movies and no cribbing. Perfect mix for keeping a soul in happy state. As of now it’s rocking time for me n hope such rocking time continue for me forever n ever……. Amen…..


Source of Pics : From respective official sites of Tiger n Kingfisher

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