Priorities @65

Today is India’s 65th Independence day. Today MMS will hoist the trio from Red fort and lecture the nation on upholding the high standard of integrity, remain patriotic and remain true to the nation. But I will be surprized if his speech will be able to lift the spirit of the nation. Unfortunately, over all दशा & दिशा of the nation is such that it is difficult to remain optimistic about our great nation’s future. Even after 65 years of independence it seems like we have been at the same cross roads from where we had started. Going forward challenges are plenty and we look ill prepared to tackle them. To me following are some of the biggest threats nation is facing as of now and need to fix them ASAP.

1. Menace of Corruption :

Needless to say menace of corruption is eating up the nation as Termite eats the wood. Since last couple of years, it’s been a raining season of corruption scams. Kalmadis, Rajas, Karunandihis and other politicians are setting the new benchmarks of scam figures with each scam. The blood and sweat mixed hard earned money of nation is going to Swiss bank accounts and in the pocket of our thick skinned politicians. The money which should have been used to build the nation is being used for the construction of the plush mansions of our corrupt politicos. Moral values is almost zero in our current lot of politicians. Even if I think hard, I can’t even find one politician who has held the high moral ground and is genuinely interested in serving the nation. Such is the pathetic state of our current politico system. Nation should take the task of cleansing the current political system with utmost priority. Fortunately, I can see the light at the end of tunnel. Anna Hazare has taken up this task for the nation. I hope he and his crusaders with the support of nation will bring much needed change for the nation. So Good luck to Annaji!!

2. Internal & External Security Threats :

Terrorism is another menace which should be dealt with iron hands. But I see least willingness from our current government to fight this menace. Every now and then innocent people loose their lives in terror attacks and government is just good at appraising the resilience of people and throwing the loaf of compensation money in front of victim’s family. Government has failed miserably in protecting the lives of it’s citizen time and again. Time has come for government to realize that it’s enough now….. value the life of citizen. Value of citizen is much more than the 200,000 INR compensation government is giving. Time has come to shed the vote bank politics and to do something concrete to strengthen the internal security and protect the lives of citizen.

From the External security point of view also we have been least fortunate to have neighbours like China and Pakistan. Despite of evident Anti India sentiments of Pak and China, we keep trusting them and keep getting stabbed in our back time and again. We as a growing power house in world, it is time that we become more assertive to safeguard our national interests. Why we need to go crying at the doorsteps of uncle SAM and ask uncle SAM to punish our neighbours for their wrong doings. In my personal opinion peace talks with Pak is not going to result in smoother relations and if we are hopeful about the results of peace talks we should at least be more demanding in talks to safeguard our interests. The aim of the peace talks should be to safeguard our interests rather than reinstating good relationships with neighbours at the cost of lives of innocent people.

3. Lull in the political leadership :

Before 1947, we were ruled by the queen and today also the situation remains the same. No matter how many denials come from MMS he is mere a puppet and front face of queen. Indians should realize that we are democratic nation and not a kingdom which can be ruled by one family generations after generations. And even if we accept the dynastic rulers, it’s bitter fact that dynastic rulers have not done good to the nation. So first priority should be to get rid of dynastic politics and giving chance to able leadership.  Also, siting the reason of compulsions of coalition politics all the wrong doings are just ignored. To counter the problems of coalition politics we need some strong leaders who can make all the parties to toe the line of the government. India need visionary leader who can push the development agenda for the nation and assertive leader who can keep all the coalition partners in check. Also, We definitely need the infusion of young blood into politics to replace our thick skinned aging politicos. (Definitely, our Yuvraj is not going to help in this cause)

4. Reinstate citizens pride in being Indian :

As I mentioned the state in which India right now, it does not look so encouraging. For common man, unprecedented high cost of living  is killing them softly every day. Rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer. Common man has been so busy in meeting his both ends that he doesn’t have time to think about country. It’s general belief amongst the common man that he is not getting anything from the country. In such a case how common man can feel pride in being citizen of India or why he should think about giving back to the nation? Reigniting the passion for the nation in the hearts of it’s citizen is important. Need is to develop overall cohesive environment for the Citizens in which they feel themselves encouraged to perform their civic duties with honesty and remain more attached to the nation. Patriotism is not the thing which needs to be shown only on 15th August and 26th January. I am not sure about how to get such change on ground but something needs to be done in time.

Above are my priorities for India at 65. Hope some of the things will improve by the time it turns 66.

Despite of all the odds and hardships, India and Indians remains unique and I murmur following song while remembering my heartland.


God bless my country….

Jai Hind



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