Love Aaj Kal

After a long long time I was in a mood to watch any bollywood movie. (Off the late I find it difficult to sit for 2.5 – 3 hrs continuously for a movie so avoid watching them) Recently, “Love Aaj Kal” has released so thought to watch it. LoveAajKal_Movie_Poster So was all charged up today and prepared to make my viewing as near as the theatre experience. I downloaded whole movie from web, converted the movie to “DivX” format and copied it to Hard disk. In the afternoon, after making Tau to sleep, we closed the door, put the curtains on windows and successfully created ambience of theatre at home itself. Finally we were at comfort level and started the movie on our home theatre system.

But bad luck for us…… the ambience was perfect but not the movie. Movie was just crap. Again the same story with different name.

Saifu was okey but deeps was forgettable. I don’t like Deepika Padukone somehow (sorry deeps, but hv to be honest with this). According to me she is one of the dumbest heroine bollywood has ever got. I always see dumbness and big question mark looming on her face. But still the movie is doing good business
(don’t know why?) so no regrets will be there for makers. Imtiaz Ali will be on 7th sky after this.

But every cloud has silver lining. So what was good about the movie? Well, I liked official website of movie. I liked few dance step of saifu in the song “Twist”. Rest everything was just forgettable about the movie.

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