Shameful Flight

Yesterday Finally, I laid my hand on some book after a long gap. Yesterday I went to library here. I had one specific book in my mind which was suggested by someone. The book which I wanted to borrow was “From third world to first, Singapore Story” written by Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Kuan Yew is a father figure of Singapore and he is given a credit to transform the Singapore from the third world nation after it’s birth in 1965 to first world nation of today. From whatever little I know about the history of Singapore since it’s birth, I think this fellow LKY has done good job for Singapore and have high regards for this man. But at the same time, I’m a big time criticiser of his recent policies. LKY / MM Lee (that is how he is known here) still have a great clout in Singapore and currently his son is ruling the Singapore. I was interested in reading how this fellow managed this development journey of Singapore but but but unfortunately I couldn’t lay my hands on this book. To my disgust though book was not out on loan was also not there on book shelf. Despite of my attempts to find out and taking the help from library staff, I couldn’t find the book.

As I couldn’t find that book but was determined to read something I tried to search for some other book. First time in the library, I explored the book section where India related books were kept. Though the collection was not huge still it was interesting. There were many books on gandhi, few books on history on tourism and culture. I also found one book titled as “Culture shock” describing the dos n don’t in the Indian culture and describing what outsiders must know about India before visiting India, in order to avoid culture shock. I think amazing concept to write book on :).  I took one book titled as “Shameful Flight” which is on the horror of the partition after Indian got independence. I’m avid history lover but feel ashamed to admit that till date I haven’t read any authenticate book on Indian partition which I feel I must have done so far. So by taking “Shameful Flight”, I am attempting to revisit partition era and will be trying to know what mistakes/good things likes of Gandhi / Sardar / Nehru etc. did. Some day I also want to read book on Mohammed Ali Jeenah. I think Jaswant singh’s latest book written on him is available in Singapore National library. So some day I will borrow it to read it.

Now I have managed to get the book but the problem is to get the time to do the justice with the book. Most likely I will have to read this while travelling for the office ( so will hv to stop surfing on iPhone) otherwise currently I don’t have a luxury to have spare time to read books. And yeah, yesterday I also got latest issue of magazine “India Se”. Perhaps more than enough reading material to my disposal. 🙂

To be or not to be…

As of now My laptop is hospitalised so having ample free time after reaching home from office. Now question arises what to do after 9:30pm without notebook. The answer to that is give some time to my other interest i.e. reading.

From the title of this post it may look like that  it is related to Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet but infect it has nothing to do with it. This is the name of the book I have started reading now a days. The book “To be or not to be AMITABH BACHCHHAN” is a book written by khaled mohammad ( who made the movie fiza). Khaled Mohammad was made to write this book on Big B by Jaya bachchhan and this book was gifted to Big B on his 60th B’day. This book is must read kinda for those who are fan of Big B. It has got pictorial view of the Big B’s journey so far as well as in depth interview of Big B. The book describes in detail the struggling time of Big B and how he managed to get on top. It also revels few secrets of Big B’s life. As of now, I’m totally into reading this book. Will share more details once I finishes it.

BTW this book is being sold for $125 on Amazon. In Singapore, I think it’s priced @175 S$, if I’m not wrong. But I got it free of cost from National Library 🙂

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