In the calmness of the night when love blossoms

Some of the songs which I really like to listen in the calmness of the night when all the noises around me has muted, no traffic on the roads outside, the world around me has already slept and I’m with myself.

1. Na jane kya hua, Jo tune chhu liya from movie “Dard”


2. Tumhe dekhti hu to lagta hai aise from movie “Tumhare liye”


3. Lag ja gale ki fir ye hasi raat ho na ho from movie “Wo kaun thi”


4. Choo kar mere mann ko kiya tune kya ishara from “Yaarana”


5. Dekha ek khwab to ye silsile hue from movie “Silsila”


6. Tu hai wahi dil ne jise apna kaha from movie “Yeah vaada raha”


7. Kitne bhi tu kar le sitam from movie “Sanam teri kasam”


8. Dil kya kare jab kisi se kisi ko pyaar ho jaye from “Julie”


9. Vaada karo nahi chhodoge tum mera saath from movie “Aa gale lag ja”


10. Ye lamhe ye pal hum barso yaad karenge from movie “Lamhe”

Songs listed above are not kinda my top 10 or something. What I listen is all depend on the kind of mood I am in.

Oye Lucky… Lucky Oye!!!!

It seems that now a days, God of luck is smiling on me. This good run started for me few days back when I got a post from Sengkang CC informing me that I have won the 50 S$ Cold Storage voucher in a National Day Lucky Draw. Well, it was kind of sweet shock for me. During the National Day Parade screening event, 1000s of people were there and out of that huge crowd just 50 persons were picked as winners and I was in those 50 lucky winners. Ahh… kinda unbelievable. I’m so lucky that till date I have not won even consolation prize in housie games. 🙂 So considering that glorious past of mine winning a 50 S$ voucher was indeed nothing less than miracle for me. Anyways, I digested that sweet shock and collected my vouchers yesterday only.

But god of luck has something more also in store for me. Normally, I listen Masti 96.3FM (Hindi Radio Station in Singapore) which broadcasts between 5pm to 8 pm everyday. Since it’s inception, the station is getting better n better and now they have started giving 50 S$ cash if listeners give correct answer to all the three questions asked during it’s broadcast. Today for the first time I tried my luck and SMSed replies to all the three question asked during broadcast and in my first attempt itself I was lucky enough to win 50 S$ cash. OMG… still difficult to believe.

Following three questions were asked today to listeners :

1. Who are the actor and actress in the song “खुदा जाने के मैं फिदा हूं, खूदा जाने के मीट गया…." from the Movie “बचना ऐ हसीनो"?

Ohhh… tough one, isn’t it? neah… it was very easy. The answer every body knew Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. I’m sure whole Singapore must have given correct reply to this. Those who gave incorrect reply to this question should be given punishment of watching movies like “Milenge Milenge” or “Raavan” for at least 10 times 🙂

2. Second question was name the actress who debuted in music album and had good success in South Indian movies and some other clues. Ufff…. difficult to answer from only that much detail. After sometime RJ gave one conclusive hint i.e. this actress was also in the video of the Pankaj Udas’ gazal "अरे आहिस्ता…कीजे बाते…". Well, I knew this. Yippie….. The actress in that gazal is Sameera Reddy. So I confidently replied it.

3. The third n final one was bit tricky. Name the dress which Babus wear in India and it can also be termed for expedition through jungle and in Singapore this is done in Night. The first two clues were not so conclusive for me but the third clue got me the answer. In Singapore we can go for Night Safari. So SAFARI which is also a dress for men which is also a term used for expedition through Jungle was the right answer. Within moments RJ asked this question, I replied. I think perhaps this question was bit tricky for people to answer and many people might have stumbled at this question. After all not all are intelligent like me 🙂 (One person even replied “Baniyan” as answer to this question. LOL.)

After giving correct answers for all the three questions, it was time for me to keep my fingers crossed and wait for the final result. I was bit confident because I knew that not many will be able to answer the third question. 

Finally, around 7:40 I got a call from RJ Mahek (who anchors the show) asking me what was the reply I gave for the third question and whether I have won anything from radio station in recent past. She then said, I may win 50S$ cash but didn’t confirm me as winner at that time. So some more anxious moments for me. It would have definitely be very disheartening to loose out after getting so near.

Finally, RJ called me again in ten minutes confirming me as winner and for a brief period she also put me on air. Yeah…I was on air before also for the same station but this time excitement was there as I was on air as winner. RJ asked me what I’m going to do with this prize money. The answer was pretty clear that I’m going to give this money to my wife. When RJ had first time called me at that time only I had promised Vibha that if I win this, I will give this money to her. (So I think she might have prayed hard to get this 50 S$ for her :)) But one more thing also I would like to mention here. RJ Mahek also gave me a chance to express my love for the wife and it was for whole Singapore to listen. I should thank RJ Mahek for that. Thanks Thanks Thanks a ton RJ Mahek for all this.

Well, on serious note prize money involved is not that great but what matters the most is the Euphoria behind this. All that excitement and the sense that sometimes I can also be lucky was more satisfying. After all such small small happiness is what makes life more livable. I listen to the Dubai based FM station City 101.6 regularly and in that they give away vouchers, prizes, movie tickets, etc. so freely I really feel jealous of those winning it. But now I can take the solace in the fact that I also got what best I could get from the local FM station.

So now it seems like, for a while luck is with me. Tomorrow morning first thing I should do is to visit Singapore pools shop and buy a TOTO/4D (Lottery) ticket for me. Who knows god of luck may smile on me once again. Amen!!

Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Most of us remember the old video “Mile sur mera tumhara” promoting National integration in Doordarshan era. Just to refresh that following is the video from You tube.


Now the same song has been refurbished as “Phir mile sur mera tumhara” and released yesterday. However the new avatar is very very disappointing. Especially disappointment for those who appreciated the original version. New version is all about Bollywood. I really wonder how the makers ignored many imminent Indian personalities from different walks of life. No sports person gets cut. No one represents from art or literary. Not all regional languages included (including Gujarati which in previous version sung by Mallika Sarabhai “મળે સૂર જો તારો મારો, બને આપણો સૂર નિરાળો”). In new version, except Jaya bachchhan alll Bachchhans managed to get in. The worst part of the new video is Deepu i.e. Deepika Padukone showing her legs. Well, It seems like it is Bollywood skin show and not a song promoting national harmony. The new version of song is below :


Saying “Old is Gold.” is indeed true. Atleast for this song.


Yesterday I saw movie “AVATAR”. I watched the 3D version of this movie. This is not kinda review but some thoughts crossed my mind after watching the movie which I’m just punching down through keyboard.

  1. Movie doesn’t exploit the 3D technology to the best. I have experienced lot many better 3D experiences before.
  2. The movie is not cinematic excellence as it is made out to be. (Well, just my thoughts). Movie is not crap but definitely not out of world kinda.
  3. Publicist of the movie has done really good job and have managed to get people to cinema halls but movie is not as it is made out to be. (
  4. In many ways movie resembles to typical bollywood movie. Like love interest between two alien characters, emotionally charging alien warriors to fight mighty humans (बार बार हां, बोलो यार हां, अपनी जीत हो, उनकी हार हा…" remember), seeking divine intervention for the well being of hero and singing prayers, etc. I also felt like the getup of alien resembling in many ways to our “JAADU” of “Koi mil gaya”.
  5. Film was really very long. 2hrs and 45 mins approx. For English movie it’s bit too long. in last 15-20 minutes it was really difficult to concentrate on movie.

In nutshell, my verdict is not crap but not must must must must watch kinda.

Tomorrow, going for the movie, Alvin and chipmunk.

Love Aaj Kal

After a long long time I was in a mood to watch any bollywood movie. (Off the late I find it difficult to sit for 2.5 – 3 hrs continuously for a movie so avoid watching them) Recently, “Love Aaj Kal” has released so thought to watch it. LoveAajKal_Movie_Poster So was all charged up today and prepared to make my viewing as near as the theatre experience. I downloaded whole movie from web, converted the movie to “DivX” format and copied it to Hard disk. In the afternoon, after making Tau to sleep, we closed the door, put the curtains on windows and successfully created ambience of theatre at home itself. Finally we were at comfort level and started the movie on our home theatre system.

But bad luck for us…… the ambience was perfect but not the movie. Movie was just crap. Again the same story with different name.

Saifu was okey but deeps was forgettable. I don’t like Deepika Padukone somehow (sorry deeps, but hv to be honest with this). According to me she is one of the dumbest heroine bollywood has ever got. I always see dumbness and big question mark looming on her face. But still the movie is doing good business
(don’t know why?) so no regrets will be there for makers. Imtiaz Ali will be on 7th sky after this.

But every cloud has silver lining. So what was good about the movie? Well, I liked official website of movie. I liked few dance step of saifu in the song “Twist”. Rest everything was just forgettable about the movie.

Selling the poverty of India to west?

It is said that western world always love to see hungry, dirty and nude India. To an extent it is very much true also. Again this debate has heat up with the movie “Slumdog Millionaire“. I saw this movie good time ago and had expressed my views on one of my post. In the movie, all the evils i.e. slums of mumbai, poverty, syndicate of beggars, atrocities on children, underworld, prostitution, illiteracy etc. have been covered and exactly for all these things, this movie is getting rave reviews, appreciations, prestigious awards and Oscar nominations. So one really wonders whether in west only such things of India gets sold? Why no director has tried to sell the shining India abroad that’s the question which remains to be answered. This whole issue came up with the badshah of bollywood Big B writing on this subject in one of his blog post. This post from Big B started a debate on whether “Slum dog…” is justified or not. My say is it’s indeed true that west is definitely interested in seeing poor n hungry India. Still for many in the west India is still a land of snake charmers. But now as the time progresses, this perception is likely to change. Visual media and bollywood will have to play the constructive role in portraying the shining India. So hope the sense prevails in coming time in this matter.

Anyways, Slumdog… is racking mullah and winning the awards worldwide. All the artists of the movie are enjoying their newly found success. Movie won few Golden globe awards and A R Rehman also want the Golden globe for his score in the movie. Now the movie has been nominated for 10 categories in Oscar in which A R Rehman has been nominated for 3 categories. I think most likely A. R. Rehman will get the glory for India this time at oscar. Personally, I’m not in awe about the oscars but still any recognisation at world level is good.

I liked the movie but only have one objection and that is the name of movie. Slum + dog didn’t go down too well with me. Anyway just wish good to the Slumdog…. team.

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