The biggest turnoffs

Now a days, I am searching new blogs in order to find some interesting blogs which are worth reading and trying to increase my blog readings. But many blogs have some arrogant writings(disclaimer / policy)  like “This is my blog and I will do what I may like with comments”. Such arrogant statement is biggest turn off for me. No matter how good the blog is, the moment I encounter such statements, I stop reading that blog and move on. Such statements are biggest turn off for me. I will never ever go back to such blogs.

If you can’t digest disagreements, you shouldn’t be in public space at first place.


Big B in SG

Off the late, I have been reading the blog of Big B regularly. He is very regular in publishing posts on his blog and every day he posts atleast one post to let the readers know about his whereabouts and what he is upto.

Big B has just lended in Singapore to check the health status of his chhote bhaiya Amar singh who is in Singapore for kidney transplant. In his today’s post he writes about the treatment he meted out while on board to SIA flight from Mumbai to SG and  his experience @Changi Airport’s immigration counter. It’s interesting. Read it here. How immigration officer and security officer @the airport performed their duty without being in awe of Superstar’s persona was really interesting to read. Also, he writes about how he got lost while moving around the streets in Singapore and than some Indian guy helped him in reaching to his destination.

Today for the first time I have put one comment on Big B’s blog. At the time of writing this, comment is still awaiting moderation but I hope it will get approved. Normally, he gets 300+ comments on his posts everyday. But according to him, he reads each comment and when finds good he also replies to the commentor. Hope he finds my comment good enough to respond. Any communication from him will be a life long memorabilia for me.

I think, I will have to move around in Singapore streets to catch a glimpse of Big B. Hope he once again looses his way when I’m around him and I can tap him from back and ask “Gentleman, May I help you?” 🙂

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