Alvin and Chipmunks 2

Yesterday I saw the movie “Alvin & Chipmunks 2”. Can only say one thing, I really loved the movie!!! Just too good… good use of animation, pinch of story, lots of humour, loads of cuteness in form of chipettes and 100% fun.


For a change, this time I had a company of HH(Her Highness) Ms. Ruhi and Vibha in theatre. This is the first time we (i.e. me n wife) went for movie after Ruhi came into this world. Initially we were bit worried about whether our own chipmunk (i.e. Ruhi) will sit quitely and enjoy the movie for 1.5 hrs or not. But the moment movie started, Ruhi also started liking the movie. I had placed a bucket of pop corn just next to Ruhi so she was enjyoing the chipmunks on the screen while keeping her mouth and hands busy with sweet popcorns and yeah not to forget she was also sipping the sprite intermittently. Ahh… HH has to have good experience of seeing movie in Multiplex right? Another first one for Ruhi. I’m relieved with the way Ruhi conducted herself in the theatre and now I can think of going for some other movie in theatre.

Image : from wiki page

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