500 HKD

500 હોંગકોંગ ડોલર (લગભગ 2900 રૂપિયા). HSBC બેંક હોંગકોંગ ડોલર છાપે છે એનો મતલબ એ કે HSBC બેંક એ હોંગકોંગની રિઝર્વ બેંક સમાન છે. હું તો અત્યાર સુધી એને ફાલતુ બેંક સમજતો હતો.


















2 Responses

  1. Just recently I started reading Gujarati Blogs..and felt like i m doing meditation, might be NRI effect with gujarati!!!I really enjoy reading your every article(used to read Varsha Adalja,Arvind Pandya,Harkisan Mehta in micro details..)going to india this friday for diwali..in return 4 days in Singapore..I heard a lots about singapore(when i was in dubai,people used to said”dubai making copying of singapore”, true when i comparing dubai airport with changi..
    Anyway..Keep it up..regards to Ruhi..
    Raj Gohil

    • Thanks Raj for visiting the blog and reading the posts. Keep reading and commenting on posts.

      Hope you have a good vacation in India and enjoy your time in Singapore in return journey. I’m also off to vacation on Thursday.

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