No. 300

This is a kinda special post. This post is special coz this is my 300th post on my beloved blog. It’s been 3.5+ years since I started this blog. 3.5+ years n just 300 post means I’m too slow. Anyways, I’m happy that my journey in the blog world has continued despite of all odds.

Now it’s a time to move on. I have to write more frequently, I have to make it my blog more presentable and readable amongst reader, I have to be more professional, bla bla bla..

As a tradition, following is the list of few readable and good (at least according to me) posts on my blog from No. 200 – 300 :

Posts in English :

Some observations made @Changi Airport 

Well, I have a kind of bad habit of observing the things minutely. This post is just a result of it. Read what I observed at Changi Airport during my visit there)

26/11 – A Year on

This post was written a year later to commemorate a gruesome attack on Mumbai on 26/11. My take on good/bad/ugly about 26/11 event.

Through my len’s eye 

On one fine day, I was out in Singapore streets clicking whatever caught my attention. This post contains links to my photo albums. (This post is in Gujarati but captured photos can be enjoyed from the links given in the post.)

All is (not) well

My take on dispute between Chetan Bhagat and makes of the movie “3 idiots”.

I want to break free…

Emotional outburst after watching movie “3 idiots”. Perhaps this post is kind of honest confession also.

Big B & Narendra Modi : Scapegoats

This is purely a political post. I think this post was indeed written very well and this post was also listed as one of the most read blog post on ibnLive.

Muslims in Gujarat

One more post purely on political interest. I hate the vote bank politics and minority appeasement policies. Just my views on it


Report on first every Indi blogger’s meet that took place in Singapore. Kind of experience in itself.

Posts in Gujarati :

    ટી શર્ટ પર લખેલ સરસ quote

    નવરાત્રિ દરમ્યાન રુહીએ કરેલા સનેડો ડાન્સનો વિડીયો

    NRI માટે ઇન્ડિયાની મૂલાકાત કાયમ એક સંભારણા સમાન હોય છે. દર વર્ષે દિવાળી દરમ્યાન ઇન્ડિયાની મૂલાકાત લઉં છું અને મારા સંભારણાઓને અમુક પોસ્ટમાં વણી લઉ છું. કદાચ આ પોસ્ટને "ઇન્ડિયા NRIની નજરે" એમ પણ કહી શકાય.










Through my len’s eye

એક દિવસ સિંગાપોરની સડકો પર ફરતા ફરતા સિંગાપોરની સુંદરતાને કેમેરાની આંખે જોવાનો પ્રયત્ન કર્યો હતો. એ દિવસે અમુક સારા ફોટા મેં લીધા હતા જે આ પોસ્ટમાં મૂકેલી લિંક પર જોઇ શકાય છે. 

રુહીનો 3જો જન્મદિવસ

રુહીના 3જા જન્મદિવસ નિમિત્તે લખાયેલી પોસ્ટ.

IPL Auctions – Something to cheer about

ગયા વર્ષે IPLમાં ખેલાડીઓની હરાજી દરમ્યાન પાકિસ્તાનના ખેલાડીઓને કોઇએ ના ખરીદતા ખૂબ હો.. હા.. થઇ હતી. એ મૂદ્દે મારા વિચારો. 

Policies of Singapore Govt.

સિંગાપોર સરકારની અમુક નિતીઓના વિરોધમાં મારો બળાપો. I hate Singapore. 😦

Chingay Fiesta @Tampines

ટેમ્પીનીસમાં પણ chingay parade યોજાઇ હતી. એ પરેડનો રિપોર્ટ અને અમુક વિડીયો મૂકેલા છે પોસ્ટમાં.

Trip to Pulau Ubin

પુલાઉ ઉબીન ટાપૂની લીધેલી મૂલાકાત વિશેનો લેખ.

2010 : The future of productivity

તાજેતરમાં માઇક્રોસોફ્ટે પોતાના નવા સોફ્ટવેરની લોન્ચ પાર્ટી સિંગાપોરમાં રાખી હતી. આ પાર્ટી વિશેનો મારો અનૂભવ.

મોર્ડન આર્ટ

રુહીની બાળપણની યાદોને પોસ્ટ રૂપે સંગ્રહવાનો પ્રયત્ન.

fête de la musique

What’s so special about this photo?

આને કહેવાય ટાઇમીંગ? સરસ ફોટા ખેંચવા માટે ટાઇમીંગ બહુ જરૂરી છે.

Now the journey from No. 300 – 400 starts. Effort shall be made to make this journey better with some good writing in a shortest possible time.

Hi Dad!!

20th June was the “Father’s day”. So called special days doesn’t mean much to me n I tend to forget such days. But this time BlogAdda made this day a bit special by announcing the contest for bloggers on “Father’s day” and asked bloggers to write about their fathers.  In our society where mothers have always been given higher respect/status compared to fathers, I think it was a welcome step. (There shouldn’t be any dispute on the fact that mothers truly deserve kind of respect and status she gets but at least some credit should be reserved for fathers too.)
About the BlogAdda contest, I read few entries sent in by people for the contest and most of them were emotional n touching. I felt bit emotional while reading those contest posts and floodgates of memories became open for me.  Those writings dragged me into my past when my dad was around me. When I think about my dad one question that props up in my mind is whether I will ever be as good father as my dad for Ruhi(i.e. my daughter)? Answer is perhaps no (but I always try to match you dad.)

Death is eternal truth of life & man is mortal(though we don’t accept it) but it is person’s deeds and memories which make him/her immortal. Dad, I still have the fond memories of the love and care you had showered on us (i.e. me n my sisters) when we were kids. I remember how you were delaying your lunch till 4 in the afternoon so that you can take me home from school and I don’t have to commute in stuffy auto / school bus. I remember I was seeing you from the window and pleading you to come home early in the night so that I can spend more time with you. I remember, we used to do drama like we are in deep sleep when you come home and when you gently give us hug, we scream in joy and give you a tight hug. I remember you bought me around 100 INR (mind here that 100 INR was considered huge sum in early 80s.) short (Chaddi 🙂 ) n it was kind of “neighbors’ envy, owners pride thing” in my friend circle at that time. I remember when I was ill, how much care you were taking of mine. I remember what a great fun we used to have while playing cricket in bedroom (yes, you read it right, actual cricket in bedroom). I remember every Sunday, you were taking us to Law garden (place in Ahmedabad) for different rides and especially to watch the show performed by Moneky. (You had also given some money to the Madari (the owner of the monkey) so that every Sunday he regularly performs for us.) I remember every Sunday you were cooking Lunch for us and serving us different different delicious dishes to eat (At one point of time I was really thinking like my father cooks better than my mom 🙂 ). I still remember the delicious taste of the Kachoris you were making for us. Such memories have no end and They will never ever fade even. 
Dad, the most amazing thing about your character was your gentleness (n I’m not writing this because you were my dad but because you were indeed). In my lifetime, I have never seen you getting angry on anyone. You knew how to manage the relationships, how to manage family affairs, how to keep everyone happy, how to let go the things for the sack of family. You were a perfect son for your parents. Even today, when I visit grand maa she cries on my shoulder remembering you and seeing you in me. Though, you were not the eldest amongst your siblings, still you were very caring for your siblings. The way you treated the mom throughout was exemplary. You knew how to cool down mom when she got angry with anything. One more reason to love you was, you never forced any of us to study :). I need to learn a lot from your character but sad thing is you are not around to guide me today. 
Needless to say that dad I miss you. There were many important occasions in my life when I felt your absence n cried alone. I wish you were by my side when I finished my graduation. I wish you were there so that I give you my first pay cheque in your hands with pride. I wish you were there to welcome me and your daughter in law in our home. I wish you were there to wish me a good when I left the shores of India for the first time. I wish you were there to console me on phone about not to worry about mom when I’m away from her. I wish you were there to feel proud on your son’s minor achievements like buying new house of his own. I wish you were there to shower your blessing on your grand children. Today they are missing the pampering they should receive from their grand parents. I wish you were there to strengthen my determination for new ventures by saying "Don’t worry, go ahead. I am with you." In many troubled times, I have wished that you were there to guide me through but it was not meant to be.
During your last days, you were in lot of trouble. I was not able to see you in so much of pain. But I had to see that horrible time. Still I consider that time as most horrible time of my life. I was keep asking god one question why gentle soul like you have to go through all this? Before you breathed last I was forced to go away from your bed but I was grown up enough to realize what’s coming my way. I was praying hard but god was not in a mood to listen me. The first time in my life, I went to crematorium. At that time, I was feeling like I’m all alone in the world even amongst the crowd of relatives. I was feeling like please leave me alone, I want to cry. I wanted to cry a lot but couldn’t. Destiny had decided to teach me the lessons of life in hard way. Life is no more cake walk since then.

Dad, Today I have reached to a certain level in my life but no matter how far I go in life, one thing I will always miss that you are not around me to celebrate my success. Life is like that :(. Finally, I would say DAD, RIP n please keep blessing us.

And we did it…..

Hmm… This post has been long due from me. I’m late by almost 2 weeks in adding a data in my memory bank about the time I spent in the company of few wonderful people which shared the common passion i.e. “BLOGGING”. Anyways, it’s better late than never and following answers all how, when, why, who, etc. about it :

One fine day, I got a mail in my mailbox stating that IndiBlogger is inviting me to the meeting of Singapore based Indian bloggers. Initially, I was in double mind about what to do. Go for it or skip it considering my tight routine during those days. Since long I have been looking forward to the opportunity of meeting other bloggers, connect and communicate with them, get some tips from them and socializing with them. I thought such an event would be a perfect opportunity to meet my objectives. Hence, I accepted the invitation and then excitement started. First fear was are we going to make a sizeable crowd to make the show going? But fortunately response was quite good. In a matter of few days some 10 people agreed to attend this do. The organizer of event was Maria Francis. She took the initiative to put the request to Indiblogger for calling on a meeting in Singapore. She was also apprehensive about her venture but good thing was she took the first step. Indiblogger also deserves a word of thanks for responding to Maria’s request in positive manner. Before the meeting, registered members exchanged few messages about venue for the event, to do things, etc. Understandably Maria was double confirming with attendees about their availability. Finally, the day arrived. I reached to the meeting venue around 10 minutes late. I was cursing myself on why I can’t respect the time given to others n was apprehensive that I may be the last person to be there. But to my surprise only four people were there before me. Chriz, Shushant, Divya n of course who else than the organizer herself Mdm Maria. I was bit relieved that I was the 5th to arrive and not the last. We started formal conversation while waiting for others to join us. One by one all registered bloggers made it except Nags. (Hope she can make it to next meet.) I was happy that I did my bit in creating a sort of history by participating in Indiblogger‘s first ever blogger’s meet outside India. (This first ever meet outside India fact has been verified by Indiblogger also. check #IndiSing) Mouth watering veg n non-veg kebabs were also their to keep our taste buds happy and keep us going.  During the time we spent together, I was observing the people present there and below I write my first impression about all the bloggers to whom I met :


Maria : Maria pursues the dream of becoming an author and she is serious about it. I find her Very curious to know about how to get more traffic on blog (kind of universal question :)) so that it can help her in getting more readers for what she writes. I found that She is able to take initiatives and has conviction to do the things.

DivyaDivya : Initially, I found her timid and in shadow of her best friend Maria. But as time passed, she opened up n become more vocal. As a newbie to blogging she didn’t sound too confident that day. (But now after reading her posts on the blog I think she undermines her writing skills.)

Shushant Shushant : very few times I meet up with people from non IT or non finance background here in Singapore and he was just one of them. I found him quite knowledgeable and whatever he talked on that day made sense to me. Good thing is he enjoys his bachelorhood in a best possible way in Singapore.

ChrizChriz : One word I could think of about him after meeting him was Mr. versatile. He is stand up comedian, can sing, can play guitar, can churn out wonderful posts, is in world of media n Advertising. What else does he needs to do in order to prove himself Mr. Versatile?

Jamshed Jamshed : He is owner of pleasing & dominating personality. He is kind of pro in blogging and possesses good communication skill. First time I realized that one can have visiting cards just to promote his/her blog. I guess, that’s what the professionalism is all about.

Honey TheDailyHoney : Big sorry to you first. Somehow we couldn’t interact during our meet. But I think you were kinda queen of bollywood amongst us who eats bollywood, sleeps bollywood, drinks bollywood and breathes bollywood. May be in next meet we can interact with each other more n you can transfer some passion in me for bollywood from you. 🙂

kay Krithika : the most shy human being amongst all of us. She even defeated Divya by huge margin in timidness. At the time, I was in double mind should I talk to her or not? But yeah she was nice person.

Abhijeet Abhijeet : the most excited and youthful guy amongst us. Came fully prepared with his Macbook, camera n all set to connect remotely to his PC to show some of his creation. Awesome. I liked his energy level. (Thanks to him for covering the meet in photos. )

Avinash Avinash: I think the first curious question from him was how one can make money by writing blogs? Just to the point, right? Hope he might have got his answer from the that day. Not able to interact much with him so too difficult to write anything about his personal traits. Sorry man!!

Anirudh Anirudh : I found him carefree. He introduced himself as "Just another IT Guy" was apt I think. But like most other IT guys he also hates the thing he does to earn his bread n butter. His smiley face was chho sweet n adorable I think.

So guys and gals, above is the impression which I carried about you from our first meeting. My impression / perception about you may be right or wrong but one thing I can say about you for sure is you all are wonderful people and our passion for blogging connects us all. (Please no offences meant here for anyone)

So finally after chit chatting for about 1.5-2 hrs on blogging and other things we bid adieu to each other. But before we part, we decided to have home work for all of us and that was describing this meet in one post on our blogs. Hence, I’m writing this post. (However, I turned out to be very poor student and took so long to finish my homework.)

During the meeting, we agreed to connect with each other on Facebook and Twitter. I think that task is almost done now. (Thank you all for your prompt action and now some of us regularly in touch through these medium.) We also decided to meet regularly and take the things further. So soon next meeting will take place and this time attempt shall be made to get in few new members on board as well. So I’m done with this post and I end it with following group photograph taken at meeting.


I don’t know the fate of our group or initiative we have taken but one thing is sure that I will cherish forever the very little time we spent together. Before ending I can’t stop murmuring this song sung by KK "हम रहे या ना रहे कल, कल याद आयेंगे ये पल…"


à bientôt!!

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