Big B & Narendra Modi : Scapegoats

Last week two eminent personalities of our country hogged all the limelight in Media. The first person was Big B i.e. Shri Amitabh Bachchhan & next one Gujarat’s CM Shri Narendra Modi (Someone may disagree with me but he is definitely eminent personality of India). Both were made the scapegoat of immoral conduct of media and pseudo secularism observed by the Congress party. It was once again proved that Media in a race to to get the news bytes & TRP can stoop to any lows and Pseudo secularist Congress just know how to play around with the feelings of common man.

First let’s talk about Big B. All the drama started with the presence of Big B for the inauguration of new four lanes of Sea link bridge in Mumbai. It is known thing that Big B is not enjoying good terms with Gandhi family. So all the religious slaves of Gandhi family have to distant themselves from Big B. Also, recently Big B associated himself with the Brand Gujarat. Since then whole media is working overtime to portray him political and cook up some stories about it. Media dissect every minute thing which Big B writes on his blog and cook up some exciting story out of it. Congress is thinking that his CM shaking hand with Big B or sharing dais with Big B will put their secular party image in danger coz now Big B has agreed to promote tourism of Gujarat ruled by Mr. Narendra Modi. How immature? At the same time isn’t it an attempt to neglect/insult/isolate Gujarat? Is congress party trying to convey message that whoever will associate themselves with Gujarat will be isolated and neglected? Why such an insult for Gujarat? If Congress has problem with Narendra Modi or BJP is fine but why to hate the progress initiative of Gujarat? Big B has hit back on this attitude of congress party very well on his blog. Read Big B’s defence on his blog : After reading this can anyone say he is wrong in anyways? He has also put up the invitation letters and appreciation letters he has received from state government ( This clearly shows that Big B was good till he didn’t associate himself with brand Gujarat. Congress party in compulsion to object BJP is doing injustice with Gujarat. Hate Mr. Modi but why any of the progress related initiative of Gujarat? While I’m writing this, news has come that Maharashtra CM has visited event in Pune a day earlier so that he doesn’t have to share the dais with Big B. Big B has written on his blog that Abhishek’s posters and video were also removed from the WWF earth hour event (for which he is brand ambassador) because the event was to be attended by the Delhi CM Sheila Dixit.  Isn’t it ridiculous? Big B is decorated personality nationally and internationally and he definitely doesn’t deserve cold shoulders in his home nation, home state and home city. Congress party is fine to associate themselves with goddesses of corruption like Jaylalithas & Mayawatis but not fine with person who is trying to help out Gujarat in it’s progress initiative. Is it justified? Also, as Big B mentioned why Congress is targeting him only. Why not congress is boycotting likes of Ratan Tata or Mukesh Ambani who has their big business interests in Gujarat. Why congress is adopting double standard? Congress has definitely need to explain it’s stand.

Now let’s talk about another person who is beloved child of media & soft target of the pseudo secular politics observed in our country. Narendra Modi yesterday appeared in front of the SIT (Special Investigation Team) appointed by Apex court. I’m happy that Mr. Modi appeared against SIT and set and example. In India rich and influential people know the way to evade the judicial system and if Mr. Modi had wished he could have done so easily. But in a spirit of common man, he appeared against SIT when he was called. I think he set the right example in political system to respect the law and order. He proved that he is not like Madhu Koda or Shibu Soren who is constantly evading the investigations or arrests by hook or crook. I would like to remind people about absconding Shibu Soren (to avoid the arrest) when he was cabinet minister in UPA government. Likes of Sajjan kumar and Jagadeesh tytler still evading the warrants and inquiries in 84 sikh riots in Delhi.  Those who says Mr. Modi forgot his राज धर्म at the time of Godhra riots then why they are only questioning Mr. Modi? Why not Mayawati is being questioned or isolated for wasting public’s money on statues and getting herself garlanded with currency notes? Is Mayawati untouchable for pseudo secular political parties? I want to ask our political parties that secularism is the only ethos people of our nation wants? People of nation doesn’t deserve good infrastructure, better job prospects, quality life, etc. Modi is elected representative of Gujarat through democratic process but still not respected by Central Government. If that is not the case then why Central government is not pressing for his case when US is not granting him visa for USA on humanitarian ground? This is definitely not the kind of treatment elected head of state deserves.  English media is always busy in painting villainous picture of Modi and showing Gujarat & Mr. Modi in bad light. Why English media is giving so much of importance to interrogation of Mr. Modi and Gujarat? English media only remembers Godhra but can’t see anything good about Mr. Modi or Gujarat while ignoring the wrong doings in rest of the political system.

Such things are totally disgusting. Hope the better sense prevail for our Media and political fulcrum. Amen!!

3 Responses

  1. ખૂબ જ સરસ લેખ છે. તમારી રજૂઆત સાથે સહમત છીએ. બંનેના અમે આંધળા ભક્ત નથી. પણ બંને તરફ માન જરૂર
    ધરાવીએ છીએ.
    જ્યારે કોઈએ એ વાતની કલ્પના પણ નહોતી કરી ત્યારે 16-10-2008 ના રોજ અમે એક વાત મૂકી હતી કે: આ બંને ભેગા થાય તો?
    નરેન્દ્ર મોદી અને અમિતાભ બચ્ચન બંને કઈ કઈ બાબતોમાં સરખા છે!
    અને હમણાં બ6ને એક મ6ચ પર આવ્યા. અલબત્ત અમરસિંહની જરૂર ન પડી..
    જ્યારે બહુગુણાને હરાવવા હતા ત્યારે કૉંગ્રેસ અમિતાભને મેદાનમાં લાવી હતી. આ જ અમિતાભને વિશ્વસુંદરીના આયોજનમાં ભાજપમંડળીએ જ વિરોધ કર્યો હતો. રાજકારણના ખેલ છે બધા!

    • યશવંતભાઇ,
      લેખ વાંચીને કોઇને પણ હું મોદી ભક્ત હોઉ એમ જ લાગવાનું છે. જો કોઇને એવું લાગતું હોય તો ભલે લાગે એનાથી મને ફરક નથી પડતો. મેં મારા વિચારો પોસ્ટ થકી મૂક્યા છે. મોદી સાહેબનું કામ જ્યારે ખોટું લાગ્યું છે ત્યારે પણ મોદી સાહેબ વિરૂધ્ધ લખ્યું છે બ્લોગ પર. લોકોને ગોધરાકાંડ બાદમાં માર્યા ગયેલા લોકો પ્રત્યે સહાનુભૂતિ છે પણ જે લોકો ડબ્બામાં જીવતા બળ્યા એમના માટે કોઇને સહાનુભૂતિ નથી. ગુજરાત વિરૂધ્ધનો દુષ્પ્રચાર સહન કરવો મૂશ્કેલ છે અને એટલા માટે જ આ પોસ્ટ અંગ્રેજીમાં લખી છે જેથી ફક્ત ગુજરાતી જ નહીં પણ દરેક ભારતીય વાંચી શકે. આજે આ પોસ્ટનો અંગ્રેજી ભાષાની વેબસાઇટ પર આ કથાવસ્તુને લગતા સંબંધિત બ્લોગ પોસ્ટમાં પણ સ્થાન પામી છે. આશા છે કે લોકો વાંચશે અને સાચી સમજણ પામશે. આજે મોદી સાહેબના બ્લોગ પરની પોસ્ટ વાંચજો.

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