Yesterday I saw movie “AVATAR”. I watched the 3D version of this movie. This is not kinda review but some thoughts crossed my mind after watching the movie which I’m just punching down through keyboard.

  1. Movie doesn’t exploit the 3D technology to the best. I have experienced lot many better 3D experiences before.
  2. The movie is not cinematic excellence as it is made out to be. (Well, just my thoughts). Movie is not crap but definitely not out of world kinda.
  3. Publicist of the movie has done really good job and have managed to get people to cinema halls but movie is not as it is made out to be. (http://www.avatarmovie.com/)
  4. In many ways movie resembles to typical bollywood movie. Like love interest between two alien characters, emotionally charging alien warriors to fight mighty humans (बार बार हां, बोलो यार हां, अपनी जीत हो, उनकी हार हा…" remember), seeking divine intervention for the well being of hero and singing prayers, etc. I also felt like the getup of alien resembling in many ways to our “JAADU” of “Koi mil gaya”.
  5. Film was really very long. 2hrs and 45 mins approx. For English movie it’s bit too long. in last 15-20 minutes it was really difficult to concentrate on movie.

In nutshell, my verdict is not crap but not must must must must watch kinda.

Tomorrow, going for the movie, Alvin and chipmunk.

2 Responses

  1. Heh, are you comparing Jaadu (the crap copy of ET movie) and Avatar?

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