26/11 – A year on

It’s exactly a year on since India witnessed it’s bloodiest terror attack in the heart of India’s financial capital, city of Mumbai. As a spirited Indian and ex Mumbaikar,  my heart goes out for those who lost their lives in the attack. Mumbai saw some emotional remembering and memorial services today. I also kept myself in isolation for few minutes and prayed for the victims and better tomorrow for fellow Indians.

But year on, i was just thinking what was good / bad things emerged out of the Mumbai siege. Well here it is :

Good things that emerged :

1) 26/11 gave a very rude shock to the authority who had taken a very laid back kind of approach towards the terrorism.

2) When rich and influential people of nation were hit, emotions ran high and it united the whole Mumbai (no matter for short time only). The show of strength by aam aadmi at the Gateway of India was indeed a very strong reaction.

3) Thick skinned CM and Home minister had to see the door thanks to the anger of the people and had to resign.

4) During the whole episode, Indian government didn’t blink and didn’t negotiate with the terrorist even though international community might have pressurized. I appreciate the toughness shown by Indian government.

5) After the siege, Authorities went into the huddle and formed the Force 1 to protect the Mumbai. Today, Force 1 even paraded in the streets of Mumbai in a show of strength and send a strong message to enemies that we are prepared. At least this should give aam aadmi some what confidence about their safety and well being.

Bad/Ugly things that emerged :

1) Even though we have full knowledge about the conspirators behind the attack and have fool proof evidences still we haven’t managed to get a single prosecution so far. We keep begging at the doorsteps of western countries to pressurize our beloved neighbour to take legal action against conspirators. This is the last thing sovereign nation like India should do.

2) Still we are hoping that sense will prevail with our beloved neighbour Pakistan and we keep holding peace talks with them. It’s rubbish and sheer waste of time and resources.

3) The lone live captured terrorist Ajmal aamer kasab, is still relishing biryani every day in the jail and every day Indian authority is spending lakhs of rupees to protect that bloody. I don’t understand what prevents government in setting up a fast track court to conclude the case and serve justice to that insane, inhuman fellow. (According to me. the best justice that can be done to kasab is, he should be brought into the public and relatives of the victims who lost their lives in the attack should be allowed to stone him to death. Even after stoning him, he doesn’t die than he should be hanged in public. And yes, there can’t be any appropriate moment to do this other than today.)

4) The people who were villains a year ago are back as hero again. Vilasrao dekshmukh has been honoured with the cabinet rank minister at centre. While, that insane fellow, R R Patil, is back as home minister. Well, this is the worst thing about the democracy, I feel. Most amusing thing for me is no one is opposing such moves like nothing has happened in past.

5) Still no strong actions has been taken to strengthen the intelligence network. We always have information that attack can takes place but no concrete information when and where the strike will occur. Recent arrest of Headley and Rana in USA, shows the failure of our system.


So these are just my thoughts. Before, I put an end to this post, I would like to salute those brave hearts who fought the terrorists in best of their capacities and even sacrificed their lives for the safety of fellow Indians. Just want to say one thing to those brave hearts, we Indians owe lot to you.

Finally, VANDE MATARTAM. Jai Hind.


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