Some clarifications on post “YSR”

After the YSR’s death, I wrote a post “YSR” on my blog. The topic was very sensitive and most of the person who read the post couldn’t understand my view point from what I had written. First of all let me clarify that through that post I had no intention to malign the image of late CM. May his soul rest in peace and he be remembered for all the good deeds of his.

The motive behind the post “YSR” was to highlight the difference in sensitivity shown by the rulers of India, between the two CMs i.e. Common Man and Chief Minister. Few people commented on the post that in other countries also the scenario is same in this regard. But I tend to disagree. I would like to refer few instances below for better understanding on the topic.

1. John William Yettaw

This fellow is American who was in news last month for all the wrong reasons. This fellow has soft feelings for the detained leader of Myanmar (Burma) Aung San Suu Kyi. Perhaps very few readers of this post might be knowing about Myanmar.

(Few lines for those who doesn’t know about this country.

Myanmar (or Burma) is ASEAN country but ruled by Military leadership know as “Junta”. Myanmar is very rich with gas and other natural resources. But the Military leadership of Myanmar is very cruel and not people friendly. Aung San Suu Kyi is a lady who is protesting against this cruel leadership and since long she has been put into either prison / house arrest. Word “human rights” is alien word for the military rulers here. So many sanctions has been imposed by UN and other developed countries on Myanmar but Myanmar leadership has not changed their governing style. Myanmar is not sharing good relationship with any developed nations i.e. US, UK and even with Singapore (though Singapore is neighbour to Myanmar). In 2008, Myanmar was hit by Cyclone Nargis. Thousands of people died and lakhs of people became homeless. Military leadership at that time didn’t have enough resources to help the victims but still they didn’t allow any foreign help for the rescue of victims. Military leadership allowed thousands of people to die helpless rather than allowing western countries to carry out the rescue work. After a lot of persuasion of ASEAN countries, “Junta” leadership allowed aid to Myanmar but by that time it was too let and lot many people have died by then. So above is to show just how ruthless the military rulers of Myanmar are. Now back to our topic. )

In May 2009, this American John, swam across the lake to gate crash into the house where Aung San Suu Kyi was house arrested. While swimming back on his way after meeting Suu kyi, he got caught and arrested by Military government. Military leaders charged Aung San Suu Kyi for allowing the person to stay with him and was again sentenced. Though Suu kyi has not invited this American fellow still she was charged and sentenced for 18 month’s of house arrest. While the American government intervened in the matter and Mr. John was allowed to go scratch free from whole incident. Though US and Myanmar doesn’t share cordial relations, US senator personally visited Myanmar and negotiated the safe exit for American national. The American fellow was definitely wrong in doing what he did still he got saved because of the intervention from his country’s powerful government. In picture below, John is coming out from his plane @Bangkok air port after his release was negotiated.


2. South Korean Mr. Yu

Mr. Yu is citizen of South Korea and an employee of Hyundai group in South Korea. While working for Hyundai, he somehow crossed from South Korea to North Korea. Mr. Yu was caught by North Korea’s communist government and was charged with spying. For a knowledge of readers, though North Korea and South Korea are neighbours, fierce rivalry and atmosphere of distrust exist between these two Korean peninsula nations. These two Korean nations share the same kind of rivalry which India-Pakistan shares. Those who regularly read the world news might be knowing how rigid is the communist government of North Korea. North Korea is not friend of his neighbours like Japan, South Korea and also other western nations. But despite of all these odds, Chair Woman of Hyundai group Hyun Jeong Eun personally visited North Korea and persuaded the North Korean government for safe exit of Mr. Yu. Needless to say that South Korean government must have played pro active role to secure the release of Mr. Yu. To know more read here. (Sorry couldn’t get more appropriate link for this news. North korean govt. has very tight control over media in the country.)

3. Mr. Bill Clinton’s heroics

After retiring as a president of USA, Mr. Bill Clinton was again in news for all the right reasons last month. This story is again related to North Korea. North Korea and USA share very hatred relationship and perhaps they don’t share any diplomatic relationships. North Korea had detained two American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling on the charges of illegally entering to the North Korea and illegally filming documentary. Both these ladies were handed 12 years of imprisonment by North Korea’s communist government. Bill Clinton made unscheduled visit to North Korea and held discussion with Korean leaders and assured safe exit for the American ladies. North Korea is very tough customer to negotiate with. North Korea recently performed nuclear tests by going against all the neighbours and the pressure from western countries. Despite of sanctions by UN and other nations, North Korea has not budge. But despite of all odds, somehow USA managed the safe escape for it’s citizen. Read more about this here.

4. Late Ms Lo Hwei Yen

This lady was Singaporean who unfortunately died during the 26/11’s terror attacks on Mumbai. If I’m not wrong than she became the first Singaporean to be a victim of terrorism. When Mumbai was attacked, during that time sensitivity of Singapore government towards the whole issue was really admirable. High commission of Singapore was constantly in touch with the Indian authorities to know the whereabouts and safety of the lady. This really shows that government cares about people. Read more about this here.


So above I have tried to highlight how the governments of other countries are sensitive towards the safety and well being of their citizens. Above list is not exhaustive and we can find many such instances in history. In the same context, I would like to discuss the issue of Sarabjit singh who has been locked up in the Pakistan prison. Will Mr. Singh or Mdm. Sonia Gandhi show some sensitivity towards Indian national Sarabjit Singh and assure his safe release by hook or crook?

When Mufti Mohammed Syed’s daughter was kidnapped by terrorist, her release was negotiated by releasing terrorist. Is this justified? Why the life of politician or their relatives is more important than the life of common man. Read the whole story here.

Hope with this I have clarified my view point. Suggestions/discussions are always welcome.


3 Responses

  1. Again this point is different than what you have said in previous post. You have said that “If chopper had crashed with common man, whether government had rushed 5000+ personnel for rescue operation?” and my point was no. Common man cannot get this kind of treatment and its not possible. I am agree with all points above that no one doing anything to help common man jailed out of the country.

  2. Krunalbhai, all these examples show the country’s work-around to help their “common man” citizens from other country’s offence… what we were discussing was the situation of the common man in their own country.

    I dont knw much about singapore but as far as other countries like US, Australia and some of european countries are concerned, the common man of those countries also face similar situations.
    And in India, where there are so many other un-desired afflictions keep happening, people’s lives are far more better.
    In India, the president or the PM doesn’t have to go to schools and ask to the ppl to encourage their children to study, the same way Obama had to do.
    In India, the Govt. is caring enough to compromise the “possible future attacks, which might not happen” so that the sentiments of citizens of present moment are taken care of, and release the terrorists and bring back the “common man” from terrorists, as it happened during Kandahar Plane hijack.

    I can give you numerous examples on this matter.
    And btw, US govt. is not that fool to let the world know how many millions of dollars it paid or any other deal it made to those other govt. to get back their citizens… Our govt. has only their terrorists to make the deal with, so, they give that ! US has all those dollars which it has used and is using for, dont know how many desctructive reasons… !! 😀

  3. કુનાલ,

    અમેરિકા અને બીજા વિકસીત દેશોમાં સામાન્ય માણસોની સ્થિતિ ભારતના જેવી દયનીય તો નથી જ.

    જે છેલ્લો મૂદ્દો લખ્યો છે કે અમેરિકા ડોલર આપીને નાગરિકોને બચાવે છે તો મને એમાં વાંધો નથી લાગતો. જે કરવું હોય એ કરો પણ સરબજીતને પાછો લાવો પછી ભલે એણે પાકિસ્તાનમાં જઇને બોમ્બ ફોડ્યો હોય કે નહીં. લાંચિયા નેતાઓ રૂપિયા ચાઉ કરે એના કરતા પ્રજાને બચાવવામાં કામ લાગે એ વધૂ યોગ્ય ઉપયોગ છે.

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