to be or not to be….

One of my friend cum colleague here read my last post on YSR. My this friend just gave up his blue passport and opted for the red one i.e. He gave up his Indian citizenship and took Singapore citizenship. (According to data of  Indian embassy in Singapore , this year so far 1100+  Indian citizens have opted to give up their citizenship in favor of Singapore’s citizenship.) While discussing that post with my friend, I was just telling him that how insecure the common man is in India. Reacting on that my friend said, “Yeah… that’s problem with your country”. Though he tried to tone down his words under humor but whatever he said is correct. I was wondering how secure he must be feeling being a citizen of Singapore.

My friend was born and brought up in India and he very well knows the situation back home. He obviously has an attachment towards India but he also has concerns for his family and life as well. Many NRIs ask this question to themselves everyday like is it good to get emotional (and return to India)  and give up a good lifestyle they are currently having? It is a personal call and depends on person. Sometimes emotions wins sometimes looses. The same fight also starts in my mind as well sometimes but as of now emotions keep winning.  🙂

P. S. :

Those who read this don’t see this as NRI bashing India. I still have high regards for my motherland and just trying to put what’s going on in NRI’s mind.

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  1. Same discussion going on these days between my wife and friends. Life is good here in USA in terms of material things and facilites. But its not free, you have to pay big price for it. You are away from your friends, family and culture. Kids raised here dont understand family values, religious values and they don’t care for their parents like we do as we raised there. Many of my friends move back due to this reason. One of my friend told good thing yesterday. He said that this is the time when I have to take care of my parents even though his 3 brothers are there with them. It can happen that one day I will get call that my father or mother died and I have to rush to India. they will wait for 30-40 hours for me to arrive and I have to back in a week or two due to job. I don’t want this kind of life. So its up to person how he wants to live. You can say life is good outside India because you never know what will happen tomorrow. This discussion can go on and on.

  2. Sadaf bhai,
    Thanks for commenting.
    In my subconcious mind, I also have the same kind of fear that One day I might receive a call and had to rush to India. It’s really very scary thought.

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