Andhra Pradesh’s CM Dr. Y. S. Rajasekar Reddy died in a chopper crash in his home state yesterday. The question is whether people of AP should mourn the death of their son of the soil or should feel happy that they got rid of one corrupt politician. People of AP are the one who can reply this question in best manner.

Perhaps, I’m very ruthless or insensitive towards the death of human being. But my ruthlessness or insensitivity might not have had come to the question if it was a death of common man. Thanks to serial blasts, floods, poor infrastructure, poor health services back in India, thousands of people die or live a worst life back in India. But does anyone cares? We have been made quite insensitive towards the life of human being. If chopper had crashed with common man, whether government had rushed 5000+ personnel for rescue operation? Just to save one man (who is CM) everyone is working overnight and round the clock, is it justified? This makes me feel that only the life of politician is worthy and not of a common man. Will government show the same kind of intensity and sensitivity towards the common man of country during the natural calamities or during any other problems?


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  1. I expressed similar thoughts in one of news article from Indian Express – don’t know if that comment was approved 🙂

  2. well, what you said is right krunalbhai, but i’d say that when the lives of lots and lots of common men are bettered and improved by one politician, who has done good for common men, no matter the intention was to come in power again or whatever, but ultimately the common man was benefited – then, it’s worth to try saving his life this way.
    And here the central govt. is also of the same party that he belongs to… so, it’s but obvious that the central govt. would also be interested in carrying out all these kinds of rescue operations.
    It’s true that life of common man is not treated the same way in India, but in no country it’s the same. More or less the situation is the same, It’s just that the media of those countries doesn’t hype it out to the outside world this much.

    Just today I watched “Yeh Mera India” movie.. It’s just excellent… Do watch it. If you liked “Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan” and “A wednesday”, then u’ll sure like it. The movie is based in Mumbai and shows only one day’s life.

    • Kunal,
      In your comment, you writes

      “It’s true that life of common man is not treated the same way in India, but in no country it’s the same.”

      I think that is not the case. Just wait for my next post and will pur the facts on this matter in that.

  3. CM is not common man. He must have worked hard to get to that post. He is representing the whole state. He should get special treatment. Due to lack of infrascture, common man cannot get same treatment. Even in countries like USA, UK there is a concept of common man and special man. Special people should get special treatment coz most of them deserve it. Corruption is everywhere and every level. From common man to special man but special man are few and common man in billion.

  4. […] પ્રતિભાવ લખો Go to comments After the YSR’s death, I wrote a post “YSR” on my blog. The topic was very sensitive and most of the person who read the post couldn’t […]

  5. Thanks Kartik, kunal and Sadafbhai to post comment on my post and putting your views across. I feel like the motive behind the post is not so clear to reader from what I have written. To better explaing my view point, I have put up another post on the blog (https://krunalc.wordpress.com/2009/09/05/some-clarifications-on-post-ysr/) as promised. Hope this post clarifies my view point.

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