To be or not to be…

As of now My laptop is hospitalised so having ample free time after reaching home from office. Now question arises what to do after 9:30pm without notebook. The answer to that is give some time to my other interest i.e. reading.

From the title of this post it may look like that  it is related to Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet but infect it has nothing to do with it. This is the name of the book I have started reading now a days. The book “To be or not to be AMITABH BACHCHHAN” is a book written by khaled mohammad ( who made the movie fiza). Khaled Mohammad was made to write this book on Big B by Jaya bachchhan and this book was gifted to Big B on his 60th B’day. This book is must read kinda for those who are fan of Big B. It has got pictorial view of the Big B’s journey so far as well as in depth interview of Big B. The book describes in detail the struggling time of Big B and how he managed to get on top. It also revels few secrets of Big B’s life. As of now, I’m totally into reading this book. Will share more details once I finishes it.

BTW this book is being sold for $125 on Amazon. In Singapore, I think it’s priced @175 S$, if I’m not wrong. But I got it free of cost from National Library 🙂


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