Is Narendra Modi wrong?

I read this news about Modi govt. depriving minority students from scholarship. English language media is always very enthusiastic about racking communal emotions of people. Media never cares about any good deeds of Modi and always draws him communal. In this article, media writes about Modi saying no to allocate money for Muslim children’s scholarship. Is he wrong in doing so? why Modi should only think about Muslim children? Why to divide the people on the communal line? If the news is true indeed than three cheers for Modi. Atleast he is not in favour of giving special status to any community on religion bases and not worried about vote bank politics.

I’m not anti Muslim but definitely against vote bank politics and minority appeasement. It’s just my view based on the article I read.


5 Responses

  1. Hi,
    But I reckon Modi’s fans and followers should start thinking out of the circle, he definitely is one of the worst politicians India has ever seen and why everytime he is blamed, all his fans starts blaming English media? Just because they aren’t biased as Gujju media?
    “Three cheers!!!”, well it shows you are also blinded by his virtually creates so-caleld good deeds!
    Seriously mate! Get a life and be a true Indian, not Modi-an.

  2. Sohel,
    Just for your better understanding,

    The whole idea behind the post was not to appraise Mr. Modi. My idea was to oppose the minority appeasement policy.
    The post was not about whether Modi is best politician or not?
    The post was not to rake the battle of personalities.

    So perhaps you misunderstood and in rush of adrenaline made a comment which is out of context.

    Perhaps Muslims in India don’t want good life but they are happy to be puppet in the hands of Mayawati, Mulayam, Sonia, Lalu and other politicians. None of the leaders which I named talk about development and everyone is happy making people full around by showing their pseudo secular credential and making people think they are the mashiah for them. If you feel safe and happy with that it’s your choice I don’t mind. But I’m against discrimination based on race, religion and social status. So if Mr. Modi is taking a step towards that I will be happy and will be supporting him.

    About English media, did they ever mention about the “Beti bachao” campaign started by Mr. Modi to save female foetus? The answer is no. Because they only want to sell their news by racking the feelings of people.

    Well, these are just my thoughts and you have a right to think otherwise.

    • Dear Krunal
      I am also against discrimination and minority appeasement thing but seriously Modi’s bad deeds and fascist ideology outweighs his so called good deeds. Not a single true Indian wants the country to be run by khaki chaddis.
      You are right that I might be wrong in interpreting your post but I can’t bear myself when I read appraisals of bloody modi at any level. Because he simply doesn’t deserve it. He can’t hide his true face behind so called developments.
      I love my birthplace and always will but, ppl like him doesn’t deserve to rule gandhi’s Gujarat.

      • Dear Sohel,

        I respect your views towards Mr. Modi. Everyone is entitled to his/her views. But why you are looking only at the deeds of Mr. Modi? Apart from Mr. Modi, everyone is Mr./Ms. Clean? Mr. Modi is in eyes of people coz people think that he is the man behind killings after Godhra. But at the same time there are many rulers killing people softly everyday what about them, r they innocent? e.g. our Agriculture minister Mr. Pawar and his department’s sheer mismanagement killing many farmers and people everyday because of draught. Isn’t it crime? Lots of food grain is rotting in govt. godown while people are dying of hunger. But he can never be at fault, right?

        About khakhi chaddis, what is your problem with them? If you want to ban khakhi chaddis than will you agree for ban on Madresas? It has been proved time and again that it is a breeding ground of terrorists.
        We are citizen of secular nation and we have to learn the religious tolerance. Nothing can be perfect but it doesn’t mean we have to be critical all the time.

  3. I agree with Krunal. Minority Appeasement must be opposed.

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