FedEx rules

I really love to watch the game of tennis and has been avid fan of tennis till I left the shores of India. Though my liking of tennis was only limited to grand slam events and I was used to follow the grand slam events religiously. I was used to make sure that I can watch most of the semi finals and finals of the grand slam events(even US open finals which starts early morning Indian time). But now I can’t do it any more Reason of course is money. Here subscribing sports channel is bit costly and just for one or two events spending big $s is not worthy. (One more sacrifice in a quest to survive :)). Okey okey this post is not meant to vent out my frustration but to applaud the real champion of the game Roger Federer


Roger Federer aka FedEX created history yesterday by winning Wimbledon and taking his total grand slam titles tally to 15 in just 6 years time. Now he is holding a record of winning a highest no. of grand slams by man and again regained Numero Uno ranking which he truly deserves. Federer is one of my fav player and I’m in awe of his overall personality and his skills on the court. He is such a gentle player but at the same time very emotional also. Most of the time he remains cool n composed on court and never looks frustrated or in anger when game is going away from him or he commits any unforced errors. He reminds me of my yester year favorite Stefan Edberg. Stefan was also a class player. Same way I also had a liking for “Playboy” Andre Agassi. (Matches between Edberg and Agassi was a big problem for me coz I was not able to decide whom to cheer for and always end up having a mixed feeling after a match irrespective of whoever wins it). Roger is big personality but has no controversies surrounding him. Happily married and soon to be a father of a child. He can be an idol for any one who wants to take up a game. 

Now a days a game of tennis has changed a lot. Power packed game with big serves, aces, strong returns, speed, etc. is what matters now. Frankly speaking I don’t enjoy it. I still prefer skill and class over power. I have grown up seeing tennis played by Edberg, backer, Agassi, Steffi, Sabatini, etc. and all these legends were simply relying on their class rather than power. Now a days, even a women players are also hitting powerful aces and move across the court like leopards. For that matter credit(or blame) should go to Williams sister. I don’t enjoy the game played by them at all. Finals between these two black (black word is not meant here as racial slur)  muscular giants is big turn off for me. Williams sister rivalry can  never be like Steffi v/s sales or Steffi v/s hingis. As of now, I don’t follow women’s tennis as I was used previously. I also believe that women’s tennis should have some glam quotient also but current women players completely misses it. I had some hopes from Sharapova but she couldn’t match my expectation.

I’m not against speed but it should not be at the cost of class. Let the power remain the forte of boys only and let the glam to return to the  court. :) 

Congratulations and good wishes to champion Roger


(Picture of roger from Today’s TOI)


3 Responses

  1. yeah … wonderful game played … 50 aces by fedex ! amazing …

  2. As I’m in Australia we only get two grand slam events televised on free to view TV, the Aus Open and Wimbledon. I always make sure I watch the finals of both and other select matches. I do agree though that some of the old time matches were more interesting relying more on class & skill. However I think Federer has just as much skill and all the shots of yesterday’s players as well as the power to match current day players. He is a true legend and deserves to be named the best player of all time.

  3. yup…. I agree… FedEx has combination of both power and skill. True champ.

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