Fake IPL Player

Those who are die hard fan of cricket and T20 game, currently the festival of IPL is going on in SA for them. I think IPL is not about cricket but it’s all about racking big mullahs, corporatization of game, glamour, bolloywood, babes, dances of cheer leaders and all other evils.

IPL’s seasone 2 has given way to many controversies and each controversy is making it more merrier n spicy to follow. One such controversy is Fake IPL Player blog.  This blog is from (so called) one of the jr. player who is in squad of (so called arrogant king) SRK’s KKR team. Anyone who tracks IPL knows that team KKR is bogged down with many controversies and not doing good at all. This so called Jr. player from KKR team is not doing any good for the team and rubbing salt to wounds of the team in most humourous way by writing out about all the team fightings in open on the blog. Right from Lalit Modi to SRK, every one is worried about this and trying ways to stop this information from leaking out. This blog has become quiet popular now and everyone is tracking it and waiting for the new posts on the blog. Each of his post is getting hundreds of comments and getting more n more popular. I don’t think about the authenticity of what is written on the blog but just read it for pure humour purpose. Recommended for pure humour 🙂


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