‘Pink slip’ parties

In today’s recessionary time, we hear/read the phrase ‘Pink slip’ very often which is used when employee of the company is shown door in unceremonious way from the company by employer. Lakhs of people have got this so called ‘Pink slip’ in recent time because of the financial meltdown worldewide and lost their jobs. ‘Pink slip’ in itself is very scary word then how it can be associated with party?  Just read on…..

Loosing a job is very tragic thing that can happen to any person but some optimists still see a life beyond retrenchment. Here in Singapore, parties are being arranged for those who have lost their jobs in current time. The main aim of such parties is to cheer up the people who lost their jobs and showing the ideas on what next for them. During such parties, organisers call on some employers who wants to hire and they discuss the employment prospects with those present at the party. I think not bad idea atleast giving some hope and imparting direction to the jobless people through this initiative. When person is down and out, he/she will appreciate every little help comes to his way and I think such parties are just one good step in that direction. To know more read on from this article from local daily. 


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