SlumDog Millonaire

Yesterday I saw movie “Slum Dog Millonaire“.

SlumDog Millionaire

SlumDog Millionaire

According to me it is quiet good movie. It was really refreshing to see the Indian English movie with somewhat “Hat ke” story line. Movie is a story of the slum dweller boy turned call centre assistant, who ends up winning 20 million Rupees in a TV series “Who wants to be millionaire?”. The story of the movie is well written and the best thing I found for the movie was how each question asked to the guy was related to the incidents of his life.  This film also highlighted some of the dark side of the life in Mumbai i.e. life of a orphan children, slum dwellers, poverty, attrocities on children, street bagging, etc. Direction of Danny Boyle is also commendable. For me it was also refreshing for me to see the Freida Pinto (the bubbly girl) as Latika, sole leading female character in the movie. All n all thumbs up from my side for the movie. 

I also watched another movie “Rab ne bana di jodi“. Well, what to write about this movie. I run out of the bad words to describe about this movie. According to me it is a bull shit movie. I was not at all impressed and utterly disappointed to see that producers/director team of DDLJ come up with such a crap movie. I was also disappointed with the debutant “Anushka Sharma” as well. As such nothing wrong with her acting but I felt the kind of freshness which apperant on the face of the new comer was missing. At the same time, I can not take SRK’s Love Guru kinda roles  any more who can convience any girl to fall in love with him at a drop of hat. 

I just liked one thing about the movie which is the message this movie is trying to deliver i.e. “Go for soul, not for the style coz soul is eternal while style is not.” Also, the music of the was okey but not great like normal Yashraj movies. 

हम है राही प्यार के, फिर मिलेंगे, चलते चलते…… 

Rab ne bana di jodi

utter disappointment…..


4 Responses

  1. i would like to see slumdog Millionaire. But rab de is full of overacting of srk. bekar movie

  2. કૃણાલભાઇ તમારો ખુબ ખુબ આભાર. હું નવો છું
    બ્લોગ-જગતમાં તો મને આર.એસ.એસ. વિશે કોઇજ માહિતી નથી. જો તમે મને થોડીક એના વિશે માહિતી આપો તો તમારો આભાર.

    – અનાયાસ ઝિંઝુવાડીયા

  3. કૃણાલભાઇ, મને પણ આ ફિલ્મ ખુબજ ગમી….સરસ ફિલ્મ!

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